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stories from another London

 All of the One Eye Grey series
Hardy Tree

This final ever hard copy edition of One Eye Grey features terrifying trees, unusual souvenirs and frightening fast food. There is the story of a man who, quite literally, disappears up his own arse in Dalston, an ill starred wedding in Camberwell and a haunted juke box in Peckham. Some peculiar, locally sourced, food turns up in City Eateries and a tourist recycling initiative proves a hit near Tower Hill.

Transpontine Drift

Lorelie at the lido, shape shifters in Shepherd's Bush, Queen Rats at Queenshythe are amongst the cast in this 21st century penny dreadful. Alongside them are pagan estate agents, a basilisk breeding programme in Rotherhithe and a whole series of odd disappearances and strange London happenings.
Goose in Southwark


A goose in Southwark is still a mere  slip of a thing with sixty eight pages  packed with peculiar London stories of long dead Parliamentarians, a terrifying sloaney pony, lewd fricatrix servicing punters from beyond the grave, ghost films in haunted cinemas and, perhaps most frightening of all, the dreaded LED which condemns the sufferer to literally eat, sleep and breath London.
Out of Orbital
Out of orbital ties up all the loose ends as it canters around London’s south east seaside resorts. Expect tales of bizarre revenge, the dog slaughtering Queen of Hearts Cult, good reasons for avoiding the meat course and events that will amaze at Walton on the Naze where old friends reappear and everything ends on a lonely beach.

See the Elephant fly


Spectral Eskimo infants in Chelsea, Georgian era vigilantes whipping scantily clad city girls at West India Quay and a parallel London where Walworth is the home of the rich and famous whilst Primrose Hill is a by word for poverty and crime. Surely someone is having a giraffe or is it  One Eye Grey back in time for Valentines to break hearts and deliver more stories from another London.  
Bank holiday weekend
Disappearing lovers, off licenses on the sites of ancient temples, birds who charge tolls and those that stalk with the pigeon hordes. All this and a couple of nasty trips underground. What more could you want from a bank holiday weekend? Magic you say? We’ll we’ve got that as well in this edition of One Eye Grey which, in contrast to all the anniversary celebrations connected with Paris sixty eight, remains resolutely a London two and eight.

Second Arsenal Stadium Mystery
Things aren’t too Pat Rice over at Highbury in the run up to the derby and in Brixton a chap finds that it is possible to get a little too PC with his girlfriend. There is a giant reptile stalking Walworth and shadow trading at the theatre by the river. A house of secrets in Lewisham gathers the non living boys (and girls) of New Cross whilst in Richmond there is a man whose words will steal your soul away. After all this do you really want to know about the goddess in Greenwich Park? One thing is certain you really don't want to look into the pram.
last of the Chelsea smilers
The smilers are coming and it's nothing to laugh about. Neither for that matter are were-carp in the Fleet, child swallowing goblins from Middlesex or the devil's boat afloat on the Thames. This bumper edition (feel the weight check out the size) also has scary sedan chairs, haunted prams, a man who becomes part of the street furniture and another you really shouldn't stare back at. What could this be but the latest One Eye Grey bringing a chill to the heat of a city summer. 
east of westminster
Shocking tales of skin shedding in Rotherhithe, cursed towers in Merton to haunted parks in Cockfosters. We may have found the end of the rainbow off the Dalston High Road and reveal the secrets of the Thames Barrier. All this and you get inky fingers.