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Brief Character sketches:

 Margaret Thatcher:

Our Margaret is an ambitious young woman from the north with firm views about economics and politics most of which she learned from her father Alderman Roberts. Margaret is ambitious and clever but throughout her career she had a series of devoted male allies. Denis is a constant in this context but others come and go through her career. Rearranging the letters of 'Margaret Hilda Thatcher' gives Ha! The large rich mad tart whereas Margaret Hilda Roberts yields A grim old bat...arrest her! Fuller biography here  and the chance to hear our Margaret Thatcher character singing here.

Geoffrey Howe:

Geoffrey is now a Tory grandee but when the action starts he is Chancellor of the Exchequer and the architect of Thatcher’s early economic reforms. His somewhat somnambulist speaking style was a frequent source of amusement to colleagues Margaret appears to have taken his quiet approach and habit of lying down to be the behaviour of a doormat and treats him accordingly.  When he finally turns on her in 1990 it is effectively the end of her premiership. Fuller biography here  

William Whitelaw:

Willie is a pragmatist who rated the party above all else but recognised that Margaret was the best thing electorally and that however bad things got in the early 1980s retreating from her policies would have been worse. Cheerful and clubbable with a slightly ruthless streak carefully hidden Willie is Thatcher’s key political ally through to her last term and it is telling that he died shortly before the leadership challenge in. Had he lived the outcome might have been different. As Margaret said ‘everyone should have a willie’. Fuller biography here

Norman Tebbit:

‘Normal’ Norman Tebbit is the buffoon of the piece a bullying clown who delights in the victory of his side over the liberals and wets. Always up to little tricks and an animated figure on the stage Norman can’t resist putting a bit of stick about if it was not for his Anglo Saxon tastes he would enjoy the clowning of Public Enemy’s Flavour Flav. Fuller biography here and a chance to hear our Norman Tebbit singing here.

Denis Thatcher:

A strong quiet man with a keen sense of the absurd was Margaret’s husband and constant companion whose relationship to her was close and passionate until his death in 2003. Contrary to how he is often portrayed and his referral to Margaret as ‘the boss’ Denis actually took many of the key decisions and supported his wife in and out of office. It was Denis in 1990 who called down the curtain on her premiership after the narrow victory in the first round of the leadership election. Interestingly Denis Thatcher is an anagram of Had rich interests and I harden (she strict). Fuller biography here and a chance to see our Denis Thatcher singing and performing When Margaret's around is here.

Ronald Wilson Reagan:

Margaret’s American bit on the side, as the poster ran, ‘she promised to follow him to the end of the earth-he promised to organise it’. Cheerful upbeat and slightly out of his depth with Margaret who plays Thelma (and Daphne) to his Scooby Doo. His full name as an anagram is Insane Anglo Warlord which sums him up rather well as does a darn long era which is Ronald Reagan rearranged. Fuller biography here

Michael Heseltine:

Margaret’s chief political rival who regarded himself as being uniquely qualified to follow her as Prime Minister because, like her, he was blonde and mad. A self made millionaire once sniffily referred to by an aristocratic Tory as being the sort of person who buys his own furniture. Heseltine resigned from the Cabinet in the mid 1980s and spent the following years campaigning amongst the Tory party members. Ambitious, powerful and handsome exactly the sort of man Margaret normally went for but was possibly put off by his vanity. Perhaps appropriately an anagram of Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine gives Randy imbecile hit headlines. Fuller biography here and our Michael Heseltine character sings here.

Nigel Lawson:

Likeable chancellor who proved that inside every fat man man there was a skinny one dying to get out Fuller biography here.