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Nursery Rhyme Random Generator.


This is the Nursery Rhyme Random generator. Just click the button below and create your own random nursery rhyme. Just like the real thing some will make sense, and maybe have meaning, whilst others will be pure nonsense verse

Illustration by Redegan www.redegan.com

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There are over 100,000 possible combinations in the Mother Goose Random Generator but seeded in the original text are a number of rhymes that do make sense. If you think you've come up with one of those, copy the text into an email and send it with an explanation to contest*fandmpublications.co.uk and you could win a free signed copy of the book. Prizes may also go to people with incorrect but creative answers.

The Mother Goose Random Rhymer was based on
an original idea by Lance Tabraham that can be found at