penny dreadful one eye grey

One Eye Grey is a penny dreadful for 21st century that draws on the tradition of those early London publications as well as the pulp fiction that followed.


The first of 2008 (the Elephant fly) featured contributions from Professor Rene Bonnerjea one of the world's leading expert on Inuit culture. As well as the professor we had the first part of a trilogy from Scott Wood, who is proprietor, if that's the correct word, of the South East London Folklore Society.  Steve Wilson of the rival, again if that's the correct term, Moot With No Name also provided a cracking tale about the legendary whipping Jack.


Away from folklore Naomi Gryn's hugely entertaining tale of a newspaper tycoon was a break from the supernatural. Shamus Dark's nicely crafted York Road took us down the tube station, if not at midnight certainly into the dark.  Not however as bleak as the terrifying Dead Woods Song of SM Swaby. The prequel to which can be downloaded here.


We used some of Alexander Blair's fine photos and the illustrative talents on this occasion of Celia Biscoe and  Daniel Morgernstern.  Also thanks to the Cumings Museum of Southwark for the images from the Surrey Zoological Gardens. 



One Eye Grey is a collaborative effort bringing together people who fancied creating something chilling and pocket sized to read on the tube. Their stories from another London and can be ordered online here or bought in these shops. We are are looking for contributors for future editions as well as advertisers and more shops to sell it.

 One Eye Grey is another barking scheme from